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Dr. Waleed Alzamil (Arabic: وليد سعد الزامل‎) is a faculty member in the Department of Urban Planning, King Saud University (KSU). He has PhD in Urban Planning & Environmental Policy (UPEP), Texas Southern University, United States of America in 2014. He has a Master of Community Planning (MCP) from University of Cincinnati (UC), United States of America in 2010. He has Master of Science (M.Sc.) as well as Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) with (Hons) in Urban Planning from King Saud University (KSU) in Saudi Arabia. He has been an adjunct instructor at the King Saud University (KSU) for a little more than six years. He has also been working in UC Community Design Center (CDC) in the field of Affordable Housing in Cincinnati Uptown, summer 2010. Waleed Alzamil is the author of one book entitled 'The Experiences of Governments in Dealing with Squatter Settlements' published by Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP), Germany, 2011. He holds an accreditation as an "Urban Planner" from Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE). He is a member of several professional organizations including American Planning Association (APA), Urban Affairs Association (UAA), and the Urban Land Institute (ULI).

Friday, January 6, 2012

Who is Mark Twain

US humorist, novelist, short story author, and wit (1835 - 1910).
Mark Twain, an American author and humorist. He wrote a lot of novels are still stuck in the mind until today such us "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876)", “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1885)", this called "the Great American Novel." Twain grew up in Missouri.  It was reported that Twain once said: "I came into this world with Halley's comet in 1835, and here he is coming again next year, and I expect to go with him  ... This has happened already in 1910.

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